Car Care Cleaning Air Conditioner Cleaner Disinfectant

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Cleaner & Wash
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air conditioning system cleaning
Expiration Date:
5 Years
OEM ODM Service
Air Conditioning Disinfectant
Care Product
Auto Air Conditioning Cleaner
3000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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300ml/can, 96 cans/export carton
Taichung; Kaohsiung; Keelung
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Shipped in 10 days after payment
Product Information

WILITA Air Conditioner Cleaner Spray Car

Air Conditioning

Engineered with special formula for cleaning and disinfecting vehicle air conditioning systems. Wilita Air Conditioner Cleaner can effectively remove residue, fouling and bacteria, keeping the air clean and fresh inside the vehicle. 

Why you should clean your air conditioning system?
• Air conditioning system will break down without cleaning
• It causes odor, bacteria, virus or disease that may harm human health.
• The cooling effect will reduce, which in turns increase fuel consumption.
• It causes air conditioning system failure and shorten lifespan of air conditioner

When air conditioner system operated for a period of time, viruses, fungi and bacteria take placed, those are the culprits contributing to colds, nose sensitive, red eyes and other illnesses.

Disinfects, cleans, protects car air conditioner

Product Features:

• Inhibit bacterial growth, keeping the air conditioning system clean and effective.

• Effectively break down dirt circulation system, certified by SGS to improve the quality of air conditioning system.

• Environmentally friendly water-based formula does not harm car spare parts or human body. 

• Reliably combats germs, bacteria and fungi.

• Effectively stop unpleasant odours.

• Prevents allergic reactions that can be triggered by bacteria and other micro-organisms.

• Effectively clean the entire air conditioning system and kill all the bacteria.

• Drastically clean the bacteria and virus inside and outside of air conditioning system.

• Get rid of unpleasant smell and provide a long lasting effect.


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•Super Grease
•OMC Lubricant
•PFPE Lubricant

Bicycle Care
•OMC2 Racing Lubricant
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•Super Grease

WILITA Air Conditioner Cleaner Spray Car Air Conditioning
Air conditioner clean
air conditioner cleaner
Car Care Cleaning Air Conditioner Cleaner Disinfectant